Witchers Demand Change: Fans of The Witcher 4 Call for More Consistent Economy with Franchise Plot

Fans of Witcher 4 urge CD Projekt Red to make a slight adjustment to the game’s economy to make it more consistent with the plot of the series. CD Projekt Red, the developer of the series, has revealed facts about The Witcher 4 and ignited excitement among fans of the franchise about the potential the new trilogy could bring. The game will be released in 2022.

While The Witcher 3 received high marks from both fans and critics, there are still some elements of the game that players would like to see changed in the future sequel. Gamers aim to address the economics of the game, as many players expressed dissatisfaction with their methods of earning money in The Witcher 3 world.

Fans of The Witcher 4 want to modify the in-game economy

One fan’s post, “One of the things I hope changes in the Witcher 4 is the game’s economics,” went viral on the Witcher subreddit. Most of your income should come from monster hunting rather than selling goods you find.

For those who may not be aware, Witchers are professional monster slayers in the universe of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel The Witcher. However, most players in The Witcher 3 discovered that killing creatures for NPCs only made up a minor portion of their earnings, with the majority coming from house looting, bandit heists, and tomb looting.

Others in the crowd concurred that they would prefer more focus on contracts earning money throughout the game. “This would be fantastic; I also like to see dynamic rates for contracts. Why are Foglets or Nekkers in the marsh paid similarly to arch griffins in Oxenfort? When a Foglet paid 250, a more complex deal like that deserves over 1000 crowns, not 300.

Even said, some readers took issue with the message because, in the world of The Witcher book series, witchers frequently receive poor pay for hazardous labor. “Witchers don’t get paid much for contracts canonically, but if there were more of them or they spawned more regularly, especially those that we can manage at lower levels, it would be easy for contracts to be the primary.”

Although CD Projekt Red would probably need to make significant changes to The Witcher 4’s economy, many players believe that hunting monsters play a more critical role in earning a living in the game.

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