Call of Duty MW2 Fans Call for Vanguard Mode to Justify Museum Map Inclusion

Several players believe that the return of an older Vanguard mode would be the ideal justification for including the Museum map in MW2, which made its initial appearance in the beta test before being removed from the list. The Valderas Museum has been added to the game as part of the Season 2 update. This update, along with the addition of the Dome, is the first edition of a new multiplayer map to the game since it initially came out.

The announcement was initially met with a lackluster welcome; nevertheless, many players have applauded the more comprehensive map for its ability to add a pleasant change of pace to the game. Yet, some skeptics claim that it is too large to fit within the existing constraints of the multiplayer mode and that a standard Call of Duty feature is how to make it function properly.

MW2 players want Vanguard after the Valderas Museum’s return

Although Museum is a sizable map, there are a few other maps in the game that are roughly the same size, and gamers are eager for Infinity Ward to assist them in picking up the game’s pace. Because of this, many players have banded together to advocate for the reinstatement of playlists that are analogous to the Combat Pacing feature in Call of Duty Vanguard. This menu enabled a diverse kind of matchmaking, allowing each person to determine the size of the lobby they occupied. 

One player on Reddit commended the Museum’s overall design but noted that it is “extremely gigantic” and requires more players to function correctly. This comment was made about the Museum’s size.

Everyone had the opportunity to choose how disorderly of a game they wanted to participate in, thanks to the settings available for small, medium, and huge lobbies. Several Modern Warfare 2 battlegrounds, such as Taraq and Museum, have both been criticized for their pace in 6v6 lobbies. Including a 10v10 (or more) option could fix a few problems and open the door for even faster-paced action on the smaller maps. Nonetheless, you should be prepared for delayed matches when queuing up for kill-based game modes until a change is implemented.

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