Ardiis Shines with Versatility in NRG Esports Victory at VCT LOCK/IN

At VCT LOCK/IN, NRG Esports prevailed over Giants Gaming with a 2-1. Following the game’s conclusion, NRG’s head coach Chet Singh complimented Ardis ‘radius’ Svarenieks on his adaptability, citing that the player had picked up three distinct Agents over three maps.

Many people were curious about who would succeed Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker as the primary player for OpTic Gaming after he moved to NRG Esports in 2023. Jaccob, “yay,” Whiteaker had vacated the position. The North American sniper was a significant contributor to OpTic’s victory in 2022, and the VCT America league squad Cloud9, which competes in the same competition, signed him during the offseason.

NRG ultimately chose Ardiis, a European sniper who played many of the same Agents as yay, to fill the void left by yay’s departure. Killjoy, Jett, and Sage were the three distinct Agents that NRG used to put ardiis on in their victory over Giants successfully. He finished the match with 50 kills, giving him the lead on the squad in that category. After the game, the head coach of NRG stated that one of the main reasons they brought ardiis to the roster during the offseason was his ability to switch between different roles and agents.

Ardiis continues success on NRG Esports

During the press conference following the game, Chet spoke glowingly about the team’s recent signing. “We signed up Ardiis with the knowledge that he can play a large number of Agents, and now we’re putting that versatility to good use for our team. He is not required to perform exclusively in a hostile role.

After spending the entirety of 2022 competing on FunPlus Phoenix, the player who won the Masters in Copenhagen was questioned directly about his integration into the team. Also, Ardiis reported that the adaptation was progressing very favorably. We play in a manner comparable to FPX and engage in a great deal of anti-strategic play. Overall just incredibly similar.

Following roster mania and nerfs to the Agent, Chamber, that both ardiis and yay played on a significant number of maps in 2022, both players have placed a greater emphasis on their Agent versatility on their respective teams. The match between NRG Esports and ardiis in the semifinals of the Alpha bracket at Valorant Championship Tour LOCK/IN, which will take place on February 19, will determine which team will advance to the Playoffs.

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