Respawn Releases Critical Update for Team Deathmatch Mode in Apex Legends Season 16

The Arenas game mode has been replaced with TDM (Team Deathmatch) in Apex Legends Season 16. Initial criticisms about the mode’s format came from players eager to experience it, and Respawn has already made some changes.

Alternative game types that mix up or completely modify the Battle Royale experience are familiar to Apex Legends. Alternate game modes like Arenas and Control have given players something else to get their teeth into, in addition to limited-time game modes for seasonal events. There is a rotating mixtape playlist with some of the main offerings.

Arenas had its ranking mode and were used as a permanent game mode for a long time. In Apex Legends Season 16, Arenas has since been replaced with Team Deathmatch. Gamers of Apex Legends are happy with the shift and the addition of a more relaxed game mode. However, on the first day of Season 16, specific issues with TDM were brought up by players. Respawn hotfixed the way just one day later and has further quality-of-life improvements planned.

Developers of Apex Legends release a critical update for TDM mode

There are many exciting things in store for Season 16. The rebalance of classes, new Nemesis AR, and inclusion of Team Deathmatch has given gamers many reasons to keep playing, even though there is yet to be a new legend like most prior seasons have featured.

On launch day, players who wished to try out the TDM mode discovered that after players exit the lobby, they become trapped in matches with no way out. Additionally, existing games do not automatically integrate new players, placing gamers in a bind.

Due to this, Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends received an emergency update that reduced games to one round instead of three and increased the necessary kill total from 30 to 50. Even if that particular round is longer, overall TDM matches will be shorter due to the change.

The developers are contemplating the implementation of a mechanism that would end the game if all of the players on the opposing team quit during play. This mechanism would penalize players who left the game too early. While Respawn attempts to resolve players’ complaints, these issues have dimmed some enthusiasm for testing the new game mode. Respawn is working to address players’ complaints.

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