Debate over Which Pokemon to Bring to the Samurott Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are debating which Pokemon you should and shouldn’t bring to the fight with Samurott, the most recent 7-star Tera Raid boss.

It’s no secret that the 7-star Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can be a little challenging, but they can become even more complicated if your friends bring Pokemon that aren’t good counters. Even though Iron Hands and Azumaril are excellent builds for normal raiding, they perform less well in 7-star attacks.

As a result, if a player makes a poor choice, players start to execute their allies’ Pokemon, which ends the raid early. And despite the protests of the public, players still bring Bellibolt to attacks that specifically target Electric-type monsters.

The 7-star Samurott Tera Raids experience this problem regularly. Players have turned to bring starters, their favorite Legendary, or their most recent Shiny Pokemon in place of the appropriate counters. Players have responded by debating what Pokemon should and shouldn’t be taken to Samurott raids on Reddit.

Markers for Samurott Tera Raid dividing the players

Acashious, a Reddit user, began the conversation by posting a screenshot of the Tera Raid Pokemon Select screen, which revealed that his team had locked in with Miaraidon, Koraidon, and Bellibolt. These three Pokemon have one thing in common: they are highly vulnerable to Ground-type attacks.

Bulldoze and Drill Run are two extremely potent Ground-type moves that Tera Raid Samurott is familiar with, and they can readily dispatch Electric and Fire types. Guys, please refrain from choosing a fire or electric variety, said Acashious. This is something I frequently observe, and it ruins your time.

However, a number of commenters disputed the OP’s reasoning. One user remarked how “Fire Tauros is the meta,” referring to a recent video game by Austin John Plays. A different user countered, saying, “In every raid, I’ve been in the fire, Tauros kept fainting and lowering the timer close to zero by the time I’ve had three turns, with the raid boss still nearly at total health.

Others supported Bellibolt and Miraidon, saying they had no trouble “soloing” Samurott. The same cannot be said about Belly Drum Iron Hands, though. Many players dogpiled on the Gen 9 paradox Pokemon, advising players not to bring Iron Hands to 7-star Samurott raids, while others supported their choice for the attacks.

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