TSM CEO Confirms Plans to Invest in CS:GO Despite Reports of Esports Downsizing

TSM founder and CEO TSM Reginald claimed the organization still plans to engage in CS: GO later this year in response to reports that TSM would sell its LCS spot and discontinue other esports investments.

The March announcement of Counter Strike 2 significantly increased interest in the franchise and its competitive scene. The beta window demonstrated that CS2 could be a deserving successor, with the sequel attracting hundreds of thousands of watchers on Twitch and the original CS:GO breaking its all-time player record.

The CS:GO, Fall Major, was abandoned due to Valve’s declaration that it would be concentrating more on Counter Strike 2’s competitive scene. Esports organizations have therefore had to adapt to the shifting environment. One organization that has recently experienced significant changes is TSM, where high-profile employees have left due to company downsizes. The business “expanded too quickly,” according to TSM CEO Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh, which led to the wave of layoffs.

In response to a claim that TSM might sell its LCS spot and halt some other esports activities, Reginald has now provided a statement. Reginald reassured fans that TSM is dedicated to esports and had news to share about the company’s focus, seemingly confirming the story.

TSM will spend heavily on CS:GO

Dominic Kallas, a former vice president of TSM’s Esports Operation, disclosed that the organization intended to go back to competitive CS:GO in late 2022. But since then, a number of months have passed, and Valve’s CS2 announcements have left fans wondering if that is still an option. TSM Reginald responded to recent reports and provided an update on the company’s prospects in Counter-Strike on Twitter on April 1, 2023.

TSM is devoted to esports, the author stated. We intend to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive later this year, which will require a more significant investment than all the titles we’ve abandoned. In order to reassure the audience, he continued by saying that TSM is constantly assessing which games are the best ones to invest in and that they will continue to join and leave games as the ecosystems change.

If Kallas’ claims are accurate, TSM expects to have a team of players on hand at some point this year. He had earlier said there was a possibility the lineup would be prepared prior to the BLAST Major qualifiers, but that didn’t happen.

The CS:GO community has been encouraged, however, by TSM Reginald, who said that Team Solo Mid would be competing later this year.

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