Pokemon Go glitch gives trainer 85 free Battle League victories

Due to a bug, one player in Pokemon Go was given 85 free victories in the Battle League when they faced off against another trainer. This player was extremely fortunate. You can play Pokemon Go in a variety of different methods, such as by completing the Pokedex, gathering Shiny Pokemon, or challenging other players in Gyms.

However, there are still some trainers who believe that the most rewarding aspect of the game is competing against other users in the player-versus-player format known as Battle League. Climbing the ranks in Pokemon can be surprisingly difficult at times, just like it is in any respectable PvP game. However, this was not the case for one of the trainers, as a bug resulted in them being awarded 85 extra victories against the same trainer.

Trainers who take advantage of a malfunction in Pokemon Go can win the Battle League

The peculiar glitch was brought to the attention of the community by a post that was made on the TheSilphRoad subreddit, which emphasizes discoveries, research, and glitches in the Pokemon Go community.

The original poster (OP) titled their message “GBL just lagged out and gave me 85 free wins toward my GBL times research,” and they included an image of the Journal that displayed multiple instances of a battle being won at the exact same date and time against a player called “JuanCho2789.” They described how their battle froze up and kicked them out, after which the application was flooded with notifications about Great Battle League victories.

As soon as the problem was discovered, members of the community began to speculate about what had taken place on the other side of the bug. Concerned about JuanCho2789’s future, one fan asked another, “Would JuanCho2789 have 85 losses?” The second supporter responded, “Well, the next 80 matches will be very easy wins for him then.”

Others simply made light of the unfortunate trainer by making comments such as “JuanCho in shambles” and “JuanCho definitely took one for the team.” The comment thread was flooded with “RIP to this legend.” The original poster has confirmed that the bug did not have any impact on their ELO ranking, but they were still awarded a Battle Medal for the victories.

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