Counter-Strike 2 Beta Reveals Game-Breaking Glitch Allowing Weapon Retention After Death

Players of Counter-Strike 2 have uncovered a glitch that completely breaks the game by allowing them to retain their weapons even after death. The CS:GO community was taken aback earlier this week when Valve announced Counter-Strike 2 and began rolling out a limited beta test.

There are a lot of individuals getting their hands dirty with an incomplete release, so it’s inevitable that there may be some gameplay and technical issues. In particular, a “game-breaking glitch” has already begun to spread throughout the community. Valve will want to take a closer look at this issue to balance the game, despite the fact that it has yet to cause too many difficulties up to this point.

In the beta version of Counter-Strike, a player discovers a glitch involving weaponry

Eric “fl0m” Flom, a content creator for Counter-Strike 2, recently tested an exploit that allowed him to preserve his equipped weapons after dying during a live stream of the game.

Once fl0m had been eliminated from a match, he pushed the pickup button and immediately received a notification that stated, “You picked up an AK-47 | Redline.” Once his side lost the previous round and moved on to the next one, he was allowed to keep the AK. One of the streamer’s teammates could say in the chat that “That is game-breaking.”

It has yet to be determined whether the weaponry bug is a widespread issue for those participating in the beta test for Counter-Strike 2. But on the bright side, it’s something that users were able to find out during the testing phase, which began on March 2nd.

The private beta test for Counter-Strike 2 is now available to a limited number of people. Eligibility for the beta test is determined by a number of factors, including the status of the user’s Steam account and the amount of time spent playing on official Valve servers. In terms of game modes, the beta will allow players to participate in Deathmatch and Unranked Competitive. The complete version of the video game is scheduled to be released by Valve at some point during the summer, though an exact date for the launch has yet to be determined.

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