Pokemon Go Players Experience Immoral Behavior Due to Player Pose Flaws, Traumatizing Eevee Partners

Because of an issue, the player’s virtual persona in Pokemon Go engages in sexually suggestive conduct, which terrifies the player’s Pokémon partner. In Pokemon Go, players can express themselves through in-game cosmetics. Personalizing your character provides an excellent opportunity to highlight your one-of-a-kind identity. At the same time, you play, despite the fact that the many Pokemon are more important to the game’s overall experience than the avatar.

Yet, there are times when the cosmetics don’t work well, which can lead to humorous scenarios. Strangely, the position of the bug catcher had a flaw of its own in which, whenever a piece of the net went offscreen, it would reappear on the opposite section of the screen as if it had entered a portal. This was a problem because it made it challenging to collect bugs.

The Pokemon gaming community is currently encountering a fault in a player posture that causes them to discharge particles from two of their lower orifices in a very incorrect manner. This bug has been causing players to experience this issue for some time.

Players of Pokemon Go engage in immoral behavior as a result of player pose flaws

Recently, it was discovered that when Eevee is used as a partner, two player posture difficulties conflict with the planned animation. Eevee replaces the usual position of a companion standing at the player’s side with a perch atop their shoulder.

As LUV69N420 demonstrates in the video, the first bug can be found in the Party Popper position. They asserted that the “Party Popper Posture” causes bugs to appear and permanently scars the player’s Eevee. During the footage, bits of paper and other garbage could be seen emerging from the player’s crotch. In response, user notably gave their description of the bug. They posted a video of the player avatar having a greenish-yellow cloud shoot from their bottom along with the message, “Party popper insect meet party pooper.” Once more, Eevee was present to see it.

While some gamers thought these flaws were amusing, others felt sorry for the unfortunate Pokémon that had to endure them. “Why is Eevees being traumatized by people? Why is Eevee constantly involved? Poor things said one user.

These are outside the list of issues players want Niantic to address with Pokemon Go. Never in my life have I wanted a problem that hasn’t been solved, as one player so aptly put it. Only time will tell if the developers spoil the fun and fix these flaws.

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