League of Legends Players Discover New Limitless Mana Exploit After Riot Addresses Previous Bug

Once Riot Games addressed a bug connected to mana, League of Legends players discovered yet another exploit that enabled players to acquire a limitless amount of mana. Recently, gamers of League of Legends discovered a bug that substantially limited the amount of mana they could hold at any given time. The problem manifested itself in the event when a user decided to undo actions after being awarded Biscuits. For some strange reason, undoing each item resulted in a loss of 80 maximum mana.

Suffice it to say that the League of Legends community was thrown into utter chaos due to this situation. Riot, on the other hand, took the necessary steps, most recently releasing patch 13.6 with the intention of addressing the glaring problem with mana. The issue was fixed in Update 13.6, much to the satisfaction of a significant number of players; nevertheless, this update introduced a considerable new flaw in the form of a limitless mana exploit.

The most recent bug in League of Legends gives players infinite mana

A well-known content producer by the name of Vendril found out that Riot Games committed yet another “big oopsie.” The company developed the 13.6 patches for League of Legends, which solved one mana fault by replacing it with another. It would appear that a player’s maximum amount of mana can be increased by 40 for each item that is removed by continually erasing the effects of the object “Biscuit of Eternal Will.” It’s a somewhat surprising turn of events.

Riot Games’ developers are aware of the new glitch that gives players infinite mana in League of Legends and are working on a patch for it after Vendril posted about it on Twitter. The following statement was posted on the official League of Legends Dev Team account in response to the tweet sent out by the YouTuber: “Well, that’s not intended to happen… a solution to this problem is currently being developed by our team.

At the time this article was written, it was unclear exactly when the update in question would be made available to users. But, the development team will likely want to implement a fix as quickly as possible before an excessive number of players make use of the exploit.

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