Valve Releases Limited Test Beta for Counter-Strike 2: Here’s How to Join and What to Expect

By coming out of hiding, Valve stunned fans by releasing a small test beta for Counter-Strike 2. This is all the information you require on downloading and using the CS2 beta. Valve decided against using a typical release trailer to introduce the eagerly anticipated Counter-Strike sequel. The creators posted three videos on YouTube detailing updates to the tick rate, dynamic smoke grenades, and maps.

The new game, Counter-Strike 2, will be released in the summer of 2023, giving us our first official release date. Thankfully, Valve announced a restricted test beta to get started before the full release for fans who couldn’t wait.

Here is what we currently know about the limited test beta for Counter-Strike 2.

When does the limited test beta for Counter-Strike 2 begin?

The limited test beta’s start date is March 22, although no set end date exists. With the CS:GO 2 blog post, players may keep up with limited test announcements.

How to get into the limited test beta for Counter-Strike 2

You will see a notification on the CS:GO main menu if you are chosen to take part in the Counter-Strike 2 restricted test. Over time, the beta will receive more participants. The creators explained that various elements, including playing on Valve’s official servers, trustworthiness, and Steam account standing, are considered when choosing participants.

In the event that you accept an invitation, click ENROLL to start the download. More players will be added “over time,” according to Valve, which also advises users to “continually check your CS:GO main menu to see if you have received an invite.”

What features does the CS2 limited test beta include?

Deathmatch and unranked competitive matchmaking are available on Dust 2 in the first Counter-Strike: 2 limited test. Valve noted that additional game types, maps, and features would be included in subsequent restricted test releases.

The creators advise players to email with the subject line “CS2LT report” whenever they run into an issue. Each instance of a bug must be described in great detail for Valve. With the restricted test beta, you can still utilize your CS:GO skins and other goodies. The official beta FAQ from Valve is available here if you need further details.

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