Mixed Reactions to Epic’s Decision to Nerf the Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite

Fans are split on how they feel about the makers of Fortnite’s decision to reduce the number of bounce charges that the Shockwave Hammer can hold when they unvault the weapon.

The Shockwave Hammer was first seen in use at the beginning of Chapter 4 of Season 1 and serves both as a weapon and an additional mode of mobility. At the debut, it was plagued with a number of bugs, including one that caused an unlimited number of bounces and required Epic to temporarily disable the usage of the hammer in the game.

The weapon was reinstated not long after it had been removed; however, a recent adjustment to its stats has caused many Fortnite players to question its utility in general. Others, on the other hand, appear to be content with the fact that its power can no longer be abused during competitions.

Epic Has Made Some Balance Adjustments to the Shockwave Hammer

Epic Games made the announcement about the nerf for the Shockwave Hammer on the Twitter feed for the Fortnite Status. The weapon is now only capable of carrying a maximum of three bounce charges at a time, down from its previous capacity to carry a total of four.

The Shockwave Hammer wielded by the Ageless Champion, on the other hand, has not been altered in any way, as Epic stated in the following post:

To this point, it seems that the response from fans has been, at best, mixed. A meme that read “We’re Making the Game Boring” was one person’s response to the status update that was posted about Fortnite. Fusconed, a streamer on Twitch, responded by asking, “Instead of worrying about the number of bounces, how about addressing the bugs?!!”

Reddit users who play the game Fortnite have shared their excitement at the recent news. When asked about the number of charges, one user on Reddit stated, “It should have two frankly.” Another supporter merely commented, “excellent, the hammer is pretty unpleasant,” regarding the instrument.

In the meantime, anxiety has begun to take root regarding the number of times that Epic has already disabled, re-enabled, and nerfed particular items in Chapter 4.

The developer of content for Fortnite known as ThisIsTalk can’t help but ask “what the heck is going on with this season.” Due to the fact that hurdling and the Shockwave Hammer were removed from Fortnite and then added back in a matter of days, it is reasonable to be concerned about the game’s stability. And the hurdling mechanic has only recently departed from the Island once more.

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