Bungie Investigates Crashing Issues on PS5 with Destiny 2’s Lightfall Expansion

Following multiple player concerns, Bungie has announced that it is researching the cause of the crashing issues on PS5. Destiny 2 has had a busy past week, with the release of the new expansion Lightfall receiving reasonably varied comments from both fans of the game and critics of the game alike.

On top of the generally unimpressive reviews, the expansion has also added a couple of problems and malfunctions that have hampered the experience of some players, such as the invisibility bug that has been going on for quite some time. The currently available build of the game has resulted in gamers using Sony’s PS5 system experiencing multiple instances of the application crashing unexpectedly. Bungie has, thankfully, responded to player reports and is currently investigating the matter.

Bungie is looking into reports of Destiny 2 PS5 problems

The Twitter account for Bungie Support sent out the following message on March 8, 2023: “We are currently examining an uptick in crashes for players with PS5 consoles.”

This is in response to several claims that players have made across various social media sites, stating that they have had an alarmingly high amount of system crashes while playing Lightfall on PS5.

The problem is unique to the PlayStation 5 (PS5), according to the discussions posted in communities such as the Destiny subreddit. “My game is currently crashing and freezing once every two play sessions, with the majority of the occurrences occurring in public events with three or more additional players… Before Lightfall, something like this has never happened.

Some PC gamers have reported that Lightfall is also causing problems for them, despite the fact that the game is crashing completely solely on the PlayStation 5 platform. “After applying the Lightfall Patch, performance on PC has also suffered a significant setback… Never used to drop below 50 fps before the patch, and prior to two years ago, I never used to drop below 90 fps…”

Even though Bungie is looking into the matter right now, it is impossible to say when the PS5’s crashing problems will finally be resolved. It is hoped that Sony and Bungie will be able to release a patch within the next few days so that Guardians may continue to enjoy the additional content that was introduced in Lightfall.

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