FURIA Pro Apex Legends Player HisWattson Receives Temporary Account Ban for Chat Violation

Apex Legends star Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin has been given a temporary account ban, which appears to have been handed down for a chat message he sent.

HisWattson, a FURIA pro player, is well-known in the Apex Legends community for his vocal stance when it comes to cheaters, the meta, and the general direction of Respawn’s battle royale game as a whole. HisWattson is known for his straightforward style.

Even though it has gotten him into problems in the past, this is one of the reasons why he is such a beloved character among the player base. Despite the fact that it has gotten him into trouble, it is one of the reasons why it has gotten him into trouble in the past. In any event, HisWattson has been subjected to yet another sort of punishment, which, this time, is a temporary account.

HisWattson has their Apex Legends account suspended for three days

HisWattson broke the news to his followers on Twitter on March 8 that Electronic Arts had suspended his account for three days for violating “EA’s rules of service.” His performance had been stopped because of HisWattson’s infraction of “EA’s standards of service.” Consequently, Wattson was left feeling very confused, and the professional merely tweeted, “I don’t really know what just happened.”

They discovered during scrims that he had caught an automated ban for a funny conversation with Xera during ranked (typed f**k you in response to Xera’s extensive fan comment in chat), according to a Reddit thread describing the event on the subreddit r/CompetitiveApex. Regrettably, the prohibition was not accompanied by any justification.

Wattson later confirmed this on Twitter, where he also voiced his evident annoyance that the insult was intended as a joke directed towards a teammate while he was “in a three stack.” In any case, the statement he made was picked up by the automatic detection system in the chat, and as a direct result, his account was suspended for seventy-two hours.

Consequently, there has been a more extensive conversation over whether or not such severe punishments should be handed out for typing insults in the chat, and you can find this topic in the comments part of the tweet. Wattson is going to be compelled to wait out the punishment for the time being simply, and he will once again have access to his account in three days.

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