Bungie Forced to Block Jotunn Exotic in Destiny 2 Due to Exploits and Glitches

Bungie has been forced to block yet another exotic in Destiny 2 in order to prevent players from abusing flaws in the Root of Nightmares. This time, the unknown in question is the Jotunn.

It would appear that Bungie has yet to have much luck recently, with players’ conflicting opinions regarding Destiny 2’s Lightfall and the numerous issues and glitches cropping up within the game. Bungie can’t seem to get a break. Bungie has had a difficult time attempting to remedy the problems and appease the concerns of the players.

Unfortunately for the people working on Destiny 2, a new issue has been discovered, and as a result, one of the game’s Exotics has had to be removed. Due to the fact that the unique Fusion Rifle Jotunn has been the source of quite a few issues recently, its use has been temporarily restricted across all Raids and Dungeons. Bungie did not elaborate on the nature of the bug, instead merely stating that the weapon in question had some problem. The new Stasis Glaive Winterbite was the first exotic weapon to have its functionality removed. Jotunn is one of many exotic weapons to have its functionality removed.

Destiny 2 Potential Exploit with Jotunn 

Alongside this, numerous other issues have been uncovered by players that have yet to be resolved by Bungie. These flaws include a damage bug with Hunter’s new Strand super Silkstrike and a bug related to the Blinding effect.

After the conclusion of the World’s First Raid Race for The Root of Nightmares, which is Lightfall’s raid, the well-known toaster Jotunn is disabled. According to Cheese Forever, a YouTuber, there was a glitch in Jotunn earlier in PvP that allowed players to pick up crazy quantities of ammo per special brick when wearing a new Solar Scavenger modification.

It is unknown whether or not this glitch may occur in PvE settings, although it is possible that PvE players could collect tonnes of ammo for the weapon using the same exploit. This is an uncertain possibility. Similarly, the Jotunn ability in older expansions of Destiny was plagued with a glitch that, under some circumstances, allowed it to inflict damage significantly greater than what was intended, but only if the user took injury as a side effect. 

The integrity of the World’s First Race appears to be a priority for Bungie, as evidenced by their prompt elimination of any faults or glitches that would compromise the level of competition in the raid race.

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