Disguised Toast hints at women’s Valorant Game Changers team for his esports org.

Jeremy, also known as “Disguised Toast” The content creator, hinted on Twitter that Wang is considering forming a Valorant Game Changers team, which may indicate that Wang is planning to increase the size of his existing esports organization.

Disguised In January, Toast debuted in the Valorant esports scene by fielding a North American team led by seasoned in-game commander Joshua “steel” Nissan and prepared to compete in the Challengers qualifiers for that region. The squad earned a spot in the Challengers League through the open bracket and currently holds a 2-1 record, tied for second place in Group B.

On March 7, Disguised Toast expressed interest in expanding his esports business by acquiring a women’s Valorant team if the opportunity presented itself. He tweeted a post from when he was trying to join his first Valorant squad with the title, “Who’s the best available unsigned Game Changers Valorant player at the moment? ” He included a quote from the post. “Who’s the best available unsigned Game Changers Valorant player? Considering the formation of a new squad.”

The resumption of the North American VCT Game Changers circuit in April will include open qualifications.

Disguised Toast will expand in VCT Game Changers.

This post, much like the tweet that came before it and led up to his joining Disguised’s Challengers squad, has received significant interaction from members of the North American Valorant community.

There have been numerous responses to the post from free agency managers, Game Changers competitors, and coaches, all of whom are interested in the possibility of assisting the OfflineTV member in starting up a squad for the VCT tournament.

As a result of the conclusion of the Game Changers World Championship in 2022, the Game Changers scene in North America has been subject to a significant amount of change. The esports organization decided to disband the Cloud9 White squad, which had been the dominant force in the region in 2021 and 2022. As a result, several of the players went on to compete for other teams.

FaZe Clan was the most recent North American organization to declare a team for the VCT Game Changers tournament, and they did so on March 7. Disguised Toast only has a little time to assemble a team for the women’s Valorant tournament because the open qualifier for the first tournament of the circuit starts on April 4, and the main event is slated to start a week after the qualifier.

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