Bizarre Error in Pokemon Go’s Battle League Results in Trainer Facing Invisible 50,000 CP Pokemon

During a PvP Battle League battle, a bizarre error in Pokemon Go caused one trainer to square off against a mighty Pokemon that was invisible to everyone else. Some regard the game’s player-versus-player (PvP) component as the most enjoyable aspect of Pokemon Go, even though many fans enjoy the game by exploring real-world towns and cities in search of their favorite Pokémon critters.

The Battle League in this game pits trainers of comparable ranks against one another in battle in a manner that is analogous to the way that Pokemon battles are fought in the main series of Pokemon video game titles. One player, who was left bewildered after being paired against an unseen Pokemon with an abnormally high Combat Power level, found out that not all player vs. player battles go off without a hitch.

In Pokemon Go’s Battle League, players are pitted against an unseen adversary

A user on Reddit going by the moniker LupoNoir posted a message on the Pokemon Go subreddit with the heading, “What type of invisible 50,000cp god Pokémon does this person have.” Here is where the problem originated.

In addition, a screenshot showing the trainer’s Lickitung engaging in battle against an unidentified Pokemon with a CP level of 50,000 was included in the post. Most people who play Pokémon Go know that the Combat Power (CP) levels never go anywhere near that high, with the strongest Pokemon in the game barely reaching over 5,000 CP. This information is common knowledge among fans of Pokemon Go.

Jokes about the bizarre bug were quickly made by members of the community, with some suggesting that the invisible creature was the famed MissingNo glitch from Pokémon Red and Blue. Others said that the beast couldn’t be seen because it was simply “a pretty good Kecleon,” referring to the recently added Pokemon that has the ability to become invisible and the fact that it was included in the mobile game.

Some spectators made the joke that there are no Pokemon on the field and that the number 50,000 CP represents the player located at the other end of the area. Because he’s been snacking on those rare candies, I’m going to bet that the trainer has 50,000 CP. The community has no idea what triggered this bizarre glitch, and the original poster did not provide viewers with an update on how the combat turned out. Considering the challenges they faced, it is doubtful that they were successful.

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