Pokemon Anime Fan Channels on YouTube Facing Copyright Strikes from ShoPro

Pokemon anime Fan channels on YouTube have reported receiving repeated copyright strikes from ShoPro, responsible for producing the animated television show. The discussion around the series is an everyday occurrence among Pokemon fans and plays an essential role in that community. Trainers from all over the world frequently engage in talks about the components of the content that are significant to them. These conversations can take the form of Twitter accounts that summarize Pokemon anime episodes or break down new trading card game elements.

YouTube channels are becoming an increasingly common venue for the expression of such ideas. While looking for video game advice, players can consult notable gamers such as AustinJohnPlays or listen to popular fan accounts that spend time dissecting lore or content from new episodes of the series.

On the other hand, the people responsible for these discussion accounts have recently taken to Twitter to share the disturbing news that ShoPro, the company that produces the anime, has begun striking arrangements with copyright violations. The Pokémon community has reacted negatively as a result of the removal of a large amount of fan content.

YouTubers that play the Pokemon anime speak out against ShoPro

YouTube users who use still images taken from the Pokemon anime have found themselves the target of an unexpected onslaught of copyright strikes, as Pokeferlax outlined in a post he made on Twitter. The platform has removed their content directly, causing the content creators to lose their hard work accumulated over the years.

The TeamYouTube channel has responded to Pokeferlax’s tweet with the following message: “Hello, we’re taking a closer look at this and will inform you as soon as we can.” Despite this, Pokeferlax’s channel currently needs more and all content, and additional updates on their Twitter indicate despondency following the removal of all of their content.

CoreySpikeChase, a user on both Twitter and YouTube, has also created a video in response to the copyright strikes against Pokemon Anime accounts. In the video, CoreySpikeChase says, “ShoPro, YOU Are Hurting Your Fans & Community! STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY!”

In the comments, users have expressed their anger and urged others impacted to contact ShoPro for an explanation. The accounts receiving strikes have said multiple times that they do not violate YouTube’s Fair Use guidelines, yet, a bill that has received three strikes will have its content wholly removed from the platform. Many Pokemon content creators could not recover their hard work due to this.

It is not currently known what the resolution will be, nor is it known what YouTube will do to aid individuals impacted by the attacks. This article will remain updated whenever new material is discovered and made public.

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