Kecleon, the Highly Anticipated Gen 3 Pokemon, Makes Its Debut in Pokemon Go

The Gen 3 chameleon Pokemon Kecleon is finally in Pokemon Go after years of waiting and pleading with Niantic to add him to the game, and people adore it!

Due to its lack of adherence to any certain regional Pokedex, Pokemon Go offers fans of the brand a unique experience. Instead, to keep the pool of catchable monsters diverse, ‘Mon from every generation are routinely cycled in and out of the game.

Niantic also distributes Pokemon from each generation in batches in addition to rotational encounters. Although there are more than 1,000 Pokemon in the series, not all of them have been included in Pokemon Go yet. In truth, a few Pokemon from Generations 3 and beyond have yet to make their public appearance.

Since Gen 3 Pokemon began to appear in mobile monster collectors, one Pokemon in particular has become a big topic. One of the most often requested Pokemon by the public is now available: Kecleon, the cunning chameleon!

Following January Community Day, Kecleon Grabs The Show

Players took part in yet another entertaining Community Day on January 7, 2023. Which included the Gen 6 grass starter Chespin. But after the three-hour show, when Kecleon finally made its appearance, the real fun would start.

Before this game’s debut, fans frequently predicted how a Kecleon encounter would go. A Silph Scope is necessary in the mainline games to see the hidden Pokemon. Players might therefore require a similar item. Or perhaps it would appear as a barely discernible but tappable illusion.

In the end, Niantic chose a distinctive encounter strategy akin to Smeargle. However, instead of taking pictures of them, the camouflage chameleons attached to Pokestop can be seen by players and encountered by spinning them off. It would be an understatement to suggest that players adore this encounter approach.

Moments after Community Day ended, news of Kecleon’s finding inundated Twitter. There was no statement from Niantic concerning the introduction of Kecleon, despite the fact that it had been added to the game’s files in earlier versions.

The players were ultimately rewarded for their perseverance with another entertaining encounter method after waiting for years. It won’t be long before Shiny hunters have a new elusive target in their sights with the Hoenn Tour approaching.

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