ShahZaM vs Sentinels: Dispute over Broken Promises in VCT Franchising

Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan, a former Sentinels Valorant player, asserted that his former employer disregarded promises made to him when Michael “shroud” Grzesiek was the team’s manager. Khan said he had been “personally guaranteed” a position in the VCT franchising but was fired before 2023. CEO Rob Moore of Sentinels refuted the allegations.

The surprise signing of Shroud for VCT 2022’s final stretch, as Sentinels battled to earn a spot in Valorous Champions, split the community. The team won several games, but they couldn’t repeat Valorant’s early success.

ShahZaM says this was done for a VCT 2023 spot. Shroud for “hype” can get you into the franchised league. The sacked Sentinels captain never experienced this.

The Celebrity Criticized the Organization’s Treatment on Twitter

ShahZaM tweeted, “Oh yes, one time I spun the wheel and it fell on ‘please play with shroud, we don’t care whether you win just make it hype.'” In reaction to a Sentinels post showing coach Don “Sykko” Muir and player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo “spinning the wheel” for strategies. If you comply, we personally promise a franchise position.

In 2022, Sentinels CEO Rob Moore denied the charges and condemned ShahZaM. Moore said, “It’s interesting because since you left, all you’ve talked about is how you want to stay with the group.” You’re back on 2021. G2 Esports will be safe then.

ShahZaM persisted in pushing the idea that Sentinels had promised to give him a slot for 2023 but had broken their word.

If I did you this ‘big favor,’ are you really going to back out of the promise to give me a spot? It’s possible to take responsibility for your actions and move forward. Don’t tell your players lies. Good luck to you and your new group. Moore once more disputed this assertion. What role does Shroud play in all of this turmoil, then? The Twitch star did, however, make a passing reference to it in a straightforward Tweet that simply read, “I…”

In his responses, he filled in the blanks to allude to the fact that he was unaware of any pledges made to the Sentinels team he was filling in for.

Memes on the situation are all over the North American valiant community. With the contracts signed and ShahZaM out of a slot in 2023 after joining G2 Esports, which was apparently eliminated from consideration after remarks made by ex-CEO Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez, it is unclear whether he will be able to secure a position in franchising in the future.

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