Apex Legends Solos Mode: Availability, Explanation and Future Plans

Even though Apex Legends has been around for more than four years, there is still a lot of demand for fresh game modes that will spice up the tried-and-true battle royale format. Is there a Solos mode in Respawn’s game? This is one of the most often requested queries. This is all you need to know.

Trios has been Apex’s primary focus since the game’s release because it is the default mode.

Solos and Duos have appeared in the game as temporary play modes, with Duos sticking around for the long haul in the battle royale. Despite the player’s clamor for a method that lets them play BR autonomously, the former was given a different permanence.

Here is all the information you need to play solo in Apex Legends.

Can you play Apex Legends alone?

A Solos mode was added to Apex Legends Mobile in October 2022; EA and Respawn have since discontinued the game.

Unfortunately, the update removed the mode from the battle royale on mobile. In other words, you must play Apex Legends’ official Solos mode on a mobile device before May 1, 2023, when the game will permanently go offline.

Will it, therefore, be added to Apex Legends on PC and consoles? Sadly, it doesn’t appear likely. Respawn stated that their game was made to be played with other Legend abilities back in January 2021, not for the first time. In other words, Apex still values teamwork.

Players were once more directed to a blog post from April 2020: “Last year, when we introduced Solos as a temporary mode, we observed that it had a detrimental influence on the game, especially when it comes to new player retention. While some Legend powers are worthless when used solo, we’ve specifically built Legends and their abilities to complement teamplay and squad composition.

The “no fill” option in Apex Legends

Respawn ultimately included a “no fill” option for matchmaking in the Chaos Theory update, which was released in March 2022. This option allows players to drop in alone and decide to play without teammates.

They can only do this in Duos or Trios battles, which means adversaries will typically outnumber and out-arm them. As a result, it might not be appropriate for less experienced players, who will be quickly eliminated by foes who possess an innate edge. Additionally, there can only be six “no fill” players per match. This was done, according to Respawn, to prevent upsetting the “pacing of the game.”

For PC and consoles, will Apex Legends get a solo mode?

We don’t know for sure, but it doesn’t seem likely. Despite being included in the game’s mobile version, there appear to be only a few plans to remove Solos from Apex Legends’ main version altogether.

It seems much less plausible with Apex Legends Mobile sunsetting and no legal means of competing against other lone players. We won’t claim it will never change since Apex may modify it.

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