Apex Legends Mobile Discontinued: Community Reacts to Loss of Fade and Rhapsody

All of the players of Apex Legends have voiced their disappointment at the news that the mobile version of the game will be taken down in May of 2023. 

Apex Legends is a well-known battle royale game, and its mobile version was only released in 2022. As a result, the decision to terminate the game stunned community members. The game has been able to extend even further due to its exposure to the community of mobile gamers, which has also enhanced the motivation of fans to see the game flourish.

Even though the announcement has left many people unhappy, there is a growing consensus on what should be done in the following steps.

Apex Legends Mobile Was Permanently Discontinued

Respawn stated their desire to cease all support for Apex Legends’ mobile version in a development update published by EA on January 31. The content pipeline for Apex Legends Mobile has started to fall short of that goal for quality, quantity, and cadence after a good start, according to some of their justification for the remark. This is why we have mutually decided to sunset our mobile game after months of working with our development partner.

Soon after the announcement, AlphaIntel posted the breaking news. Most Apex Legends fans agree on one thing: the mobile-only Legends shouldn’t perish along with the ship. Of course, those are Fade and Rhapsody.

“Hoping Fade and Rhapsody gets added to the main game… they took everyone’s money and dipped LMAOOOO,” one response read. Another user said, “RIP Fade and Rhapsody.” “I want the main game to feature Rhapsody. Another healer is required!”

Hopefully, they will bring them on PC. My fave was fade!”

In addition, the notice notes that EA will not be providing any reimbursement for any purchases made in the Apex Mobile app. Users still have access to all of their in-game currencies up until the time that the game is officially retired.

The fact that things have progressed to this point is sure to come as a major letdown to anyone who is an Apex Legends Mobile enthusiast. However, it is currently yet to be determined whether or not the Legends that are exclusive to the mobile app will make their way into the main game.

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