TSM Pleads for Postponement of Valorant NA Challengers League Match Due to Texas Ice Storm

Due to the ice storm that is presently taking place in Texas, TSM’s Vice President of Esports Operations, Dominic Kallas, has asked for the match between TSM and MAD Lions in the Valorant NA Challengers League to be postponed.

The second day of the North American competition kicks off with the first series of the day, which is the confrontation between the two teams in the Challengers League. Knights Arena, the tournament organizer for the event, opted to postpone the match by thirty minutes since the weather conditions were affecting “network connectivity in the area of Austin, Texas.”

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The executive of TSM, upon hearing the news of the match’s delay, pleaded with Knights to postpone it. He stated that both sides have players in Texas who the ice storm would impact and that fans should prepare themselves for a long day of technical delays if the match continues as scheduled. He indicated that supporters could expect the event to continue as scheduled.

“Could you kindly postpone this match?” According to Kallas, “both teams have players that are hit by the ice storm in Texas with electricity and heat going in and out all over the state.”

In 2022, several different teams relocated their operations to Texas to be more conveniently located to the game’s servers, including TSM’s Valorant squad. TSM player James “hazed” Cobb tweeted that he has been unable to access the internet on multiple occasions due to the ice storm.

“Here’s hoping the weather in Texas doesn’t cause my team to be FF,” hazed stated. “To hell with the weather in Texas!” Since the 31st of January, Texas has been experiencing extremely harsh weather conditions.

It is not the first time a severe ice storm has caused technological difficulties in Texas. The ice storm in 2021 left numerous players in the NA VCT Stage 1 Challengers 2 competition without power for multiple days, causing a delay in the tournament.

The broadcast for the North American Valorant Challengers League match started at 4:20 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and the event is currently on track to take place as planned.

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