Team Liquid Fires Head Coach MaRin

After just one split, Team Liquid has announced they are cutting ties with LCS head coach and 2015 World Champion MaRin. The choice was made “due to differing opinions and MaRin’s issues,” according to a statement from Team Liquid. Team Liquid was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated rosters going into 2023. It served as a small experiment for roster Liquid, a roster primarily comprised of Korean speakers and good import talent.

The lineup’s two import players, Park ‘Summit’ Woo-tae and 2022 World Champion Hong ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyeon, were joined by Sean ‘Yeon’ Sung and Harry ‘Haeri’ Kang, who joined as LCS rookies from Team Liquid’s Academy roster. Only Jo ‘CoreJJ’ Yong-in from the previous lineup was still playing. A squad that was initially anticipated to be a top-four contender ended up missing the playoffs entirely. Head coach Jang ‘MaRin’ Gyeong-hwan left the team soon after they missed out on qualifying.

After an unsuccessful LCS Spring Split campaign, MaRin departs Team Liquid

MaRin had disappeared from view before he was hired as Team Liquid’s head coach. Since late 2018, he hadn’t played in any competitions and hadn’t been very active in League of Legends. His signing came as a surprise to many. Yet not one that is unpleasant.

He understood what it took to win, considering he was formerly a World Champion player who saw mixed success after winning the title in 2015 with Faker. His playing prowess, however, has yet to transfer well to coaching. MaRin won’t be a member of the team moving forward. Despite CoreJJ’s optimism that Team Liquid will fare better in the Summer when we spoke to him.

Although Team Liquid’s statement on the matter was ambiguous, it revealed some of the factors that led to their decision to fire their head coach after only one tournament split. We have mutually decided to part ways because of disparate viewpoints and MaRin’s concerns.

This followed Team Liquid’s failure to perform in 2022 despite having a star-studded squad. Team Liquid will need to put in a lot of effort to improve its performance in the second half of 2023 if they hope to return to the top of the LCS.

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