Pokemon Go’s Remote Raid Adjustments Spark Backlash as In-person Raiding Becomes Nearly Impossible

In-person raiding has reportedly become impossible once Pokemon Go’s new Remote Raid adjustments were implemented for 24 hours. The community tried its hardest to stop Niantic from nerfing Remote Raid, but on April 6, the modifications were implemented. The upcoming update could not be arrested despite a petition with nearly 90k signatures and a planned boycott of Pokemon Go.

Two significant adjustments to the Remote Raid Nerf affected how playable the game was in remote areas and for players with disabilities. The first was a price increase that nearly doubled the price of Remote Raid Passes. The second restriction was a daily cap of five Remote Raids per trainer. This upgrade, according to Niantic, was necessary for Pokemon Go’s long-term survival. However, trainers have claimed that raids are impossible without Remote Raid Pass support 24 hours into the new era of raiding.

Without Remote participants, Pokemon Go raids are “impossible”

Before the Remote Raid nerf in Pokemon Go, many in-person raiders objected to the coming adjustments. Without Remote Raiders to help, they argued, raids would become very difficult. After the update was live for a day, players said this theory was accurate. One of the first people to post about their encounter was Reddit user Caldwell-luc.

“I reside in a 100k population small city with a tiny POGO community. I took my child on a Lugia raid this morning. Of course, nobody else is there at 7:30 in the morning,” they stated.

The majority of the trainers who shared their experiences in the comments emphasized how challenging it is to plan a Pokemon Go raid in a rural location. One user claimed that although they asked five friends to participate in a raid, three had already used their daily allotment.

Others hypothesized that the absence of people able to participate would cause third-party services to organize Remote Raids (PokeGenie, Raid Finder) to become outdated. To have enough time to beat the Raid comfortably, featherjoshua commented. “I had to get in line for a Mega Lopunny raid 25 minutes BEFORE the egg hatched.” “There were only 57 hosts ahead of me when I joined.”

Like Luizbep, he said they started a PokeGenie lobby as soon as a Lugia raid egg hatched. However, with only a five-minute window before the Raid vanished. They had only advanced from position 355 in the line to position 55, making the raid “impossible.” These are just a few of the remarks made under Caldwell’s post by displeased players. If players are to be believed, Remote Raiders and in-person players find it more challenging than ever to raid.

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