Joining Realm: The Path to Becoming a Pro in Apex Legends Global Series

The road to the Apex Legends Global Series is arduous. But Realm wants to make it simpler for the greatest players in the world to stand out. Here’s how you join Realm and start to become a pro for those who are interested. Some of the most well-known figures in the community have called Apex Legends the most challenging first-person shooter in gaming, and trying to master it is a huge task.

While ALGS notoriety is a nice perk for those who make it to the top of the game, getting there requires a lot of time and effort. Realm is the ideal approach to participate in matches against the world’s top players if you have lofty goals and want to experience professional games. Each participant in this elite competition must achieve high standards, but the door is open mainly to those who succeed.

What is Realm in Apex Legends?

Realm, as previously noted, is the ideal setting for rising talents to establish themselves in the Apex scene. Also, this solo-queue system, which ranks people according to individual performance, is supported by a $150,000 prize pool in each region.

The MMR of players who have the most impact on their respective squads rises. While the MMR of players who struggle drops. The best players receive cash incentives in addition to the bonus of having their gameplay observed by the game’s top talent.

How to establish yourself in Apex Legends by joining Realm

Few players will be selected in the end, which is the current truth. The finest resources for anyone looking to join are the official website and the Discord server, but these are the essential prerequisites:

  • Experience with Challengers Cup and Pro League Qualifying
  • Apex Predator can be found in North America. (Season 12 excluded)
  • In EMEA, reach Masters+ (Season 12 excluded)
  • Having a Liquipedia page that details your playing career

Finally, only participants with credible endorsements from rivals already engaged in Realm competition will be permitted to take part. The Realm matches are broadcast on Twitch, with different brackets for players from the NA and EU regions.

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