Scump Regrets Retiring Too Early from CDL but Rules Out Comeback

Scump has confessed that he may have retired from the CDL a little “too early,” but he is still considering returning to competitive play. Scump retired from the CDL in 2023.

The entire gaming community said its goodbyes to one of the best players in the history of the game in January, when the star player for OpTic Texas, Scump, surprised everyone by retiring early. Although it was inevitable that Scump’s career would end, the initial plan called for him to hang it up at the end of the 2023 CDL season.

Since then, Scump has gone on to produce a vast amount of content for OpTic in his so-called “new chapter.” He has appeared on podcasts, live-streamed, co-created new shows with Methodz, and even hosted watch parties, many of which attract more viewers than CDL’s official streams do on a consistent basis. Despite everything that has happened, there has been a great deal of speculation about the legendary athlete returning to the game at some point in the future.

Scump Reflects on Retirement from CDL

During his trip to Houston to see the CDL 2023 Major III, FaZe Swagg created a vlog in which he talked to a number of professionals and broadcasters who were there to watch the LAN tournament live. Scump was present at the most recent Major tournament to protect his squad from attempting an epic run in the lower bracket because the game was hosted by none other than OpTic Texas.

It was in the video log where Swagg inquired about Scump’s feelings on his impending retirement. Now that the transition in careers has been in effect for a few weeks, he has confessed that it may have been “too early” to make the change.

Scump’s first quip in response to being questioned was that “it’s dull.” After that, he continued to explain how, at the time of his retirement, he was still holding his own in the league and that his decline in performance wasn’t due to a lack of practice. He said, “I was still pleasant, maybe a little bit too early.” “I was still nice.”

After that, Swagg inquired whether he would return, to which he promptly responded with a resounding “no. It’s too late. It’s over, we’re starting a new chapter, and everything is fine.” In an interview with Jake Lucky, he has even gone on to state that the idea of returning to CDL has yet to cross his mind, and there is a very low likelihood that he will come back to the organization at this point in time.

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