League of Legends Championship Series Temporarily Disables Viego due to “Game-Breaking Bug”

According to 100 Thieves’ Jungler Closer, the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) appears to have removed Viego from play till further notice because of concerns over a glitch that could “destroy the game.”

The Spring Split of the LCS has ended, and spectators were treated to a number of shocking upsets throughout the competition. It has been quite a dramatic week, with Team Liquid being eliminated from the Spring playoffs and 100 Thieves putting their foot on the gas in the final week to secure their spot in the main competition. Despite this, yet another unexpected twist has been thrown into the equation.

Closer, a member of 100 Thieves, the team’s jungle, took a screenshot of a Discord message and shared it with the team. In the letter, a Riot staff member responsible for competitive operations is said to have informed them that Riot intends to disable Viego because of a “game-breaking bug.”

Temporary Removal of Viego from Competitive Use Due to Flaw in Game

The complete text of the message goes as follows: “We recently found a flaw in Viego that completely breaks the game. As a result, we are temporarily removing Viego from competitive use until further notice.

As of late, Viego has been an essential piece of 100T’s draft. Closer used the champion in four matches over the Spring Split. Therefore 100T’s choice of Viego has been particularly fruitful. There were three of their losses occurred during the final week of the Split. Since the 2021 Season, Closer and Viego have become virtually interchangeable terms. This is due to the fact that Jungler has been known to take up the champion after he has been released. As a result, the winner has become an essential pick for the club’s run in the current season due to his familiarity with the team and consistent success.

But this is not the first time the champion has been unable to compete this year. According to the broadcast that took place during the Spring Split of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCK), it was revealed that Viego was disabled from play as a result of a bug that occurs when he changes into Aphelios.

Riot has not yet provided an answer regarding when Viego will be enabled again, nor have they specified what the bug did this time. Riot has also not explained what the issue did. Although 100T expects Viego to be enabled by March 23, the beginning of the Spring Playoffs, there is no guarantee that this will happen. The unexpected disablement occurred right before 100T’s first playoff match against FlyQuest, and the team may need to adjust its game plan in response to it.

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