NRG acquires CLG and its League of Legends assets in a comprehensive rebrand

NRG CEO Andy Miller has officially announced the acquisition of CLG and all of its League of Legends assets, including the Challengers squad, LCS players, and coaching staff. A comprehensive rebrand marks the conclusion of CLG’s LCS tenure. Since the organization has been involved in competitive League of Legends since the game’s inception, the histories of the LCS and CLG practically overlap. CLG is one of the most recognizable teams in the industry, with a ton of LCS titles under their belt and a ton of absolute legends that have played for them.

Now is the end of those times. It has been announced that NRG has purchased its LCS slot following a spate of layoffs at CLG that affected several divisions. One of the oldest North American League of Legends groups has officially come to an end. After the transaction, Madison Square Garden Sports Corp., the parent company of CLG, reported that it would have a noncontrolling equity position in the new, combined NRG/CLG entity.

After playing in the LCS throughout the 2016 Spring and Summer Splits, NRG will rejoin the league with the acquisition of CLG. NRG had to compete in the promotion stage after finishing ninth in the Summer split, but they were unable to win one of the three promotion slots. A short time later, the company shut down its League of Legends subsidiary.

NRG purchases CLG, a pillar of the LCS

League of Legends is now part of NRG’s portfolio of esports games thanks to the acquisition of CLG. Additionally, the group fields successful teams in Overwatch, Rocket League, Apex Legends, Valorant, and more. (as San Francisco Shock).

Because Riot must yet authorize the change, CLG’s name might remain in use for a long, but NRG CEO Andy Miller emphasized that he firmly intends to change the brand to NRG. NRG has promised to create brand-new blue game-day uniforms for the squad in remembrance of CLG’s past. Miller added that NRG would continue to use the entire League of Legends infrastructure, including the Challengers roster, LCS team, and the coaching staff, to support their LCS team, which has been doing well over the previous several months.

Despite lamenting the loss of the organization within the LCS, Thomas “Thinkcard” Slotkin, a player/coach with a long association with CLG, is confident that he and the rest of NRG can move forward and achieve great things.

In addition, the LCS praised CLG’s “incredible legacy” in the match. “One of the founding members of NA LCS back in 2013, Counter Logic Gaming is an esport organization whose impact on North American esports cannot be overstated,” the LCS said. “Counter Logic Gaming is an inextricable part of our history over the last decade.”

This information comes just a few days after rumors surfaced that TSM, another illustrious organization in the LCS, may be selling its membership due to financial difficulties. These two organizations are some of the first in League history; they have established a reputation for themselves over time and have even engaged in a long-standing rivalry.

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