Rock Concert Interrupts Smash Tournament Finals at DreamHack San Diego, Players Given Additional Cash Prizes

Players participating in the Smash tournament at DreamHack San Diego were given additional cash prizes during a rock performance held concurrently with the matches featuring the final eight competitors.

It is already a challenge to make it into the top eight of a tournament that features some of the finest players in the world; to do it while there is also a rock concert going on in the room next to you requires an exceptional level of mental fortitude.

The Melee and Brawlhalla competitions at DreamHack San Diego were interrupted by a noisy City of Sound concert, which even enraged one of the top players in the Smash franchise, Masaya ‘aMSa’ Chikamoto. The show was held at the same time. Also, the organizer of the tournament realized that this was causing a significant amount of uproar and decided to bestow an additional $250 on each participant currently competing in the latter stages of the competition.

At DreamHack, the finals of Smash Melee were interrupted by a rock concert

A little time after the conclusion of the competition, aMSa turned to social media to discuss his reactions to the events that had just taken place. The Yoshi main explained that Dreamhack was an outrageous mix of live concerts with explosive sounds placed next to the Top 8 games of Smash Bros. “Mixed events, we ask that you keep in mind it’s important to respect all sides.”

Even though Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson, who came in second place, did not appear to be overly satisfied with the concert, he did observe that it still “looked hype.” Also, in reaction to the comment made by Brawlhalla caster Sparky, who called the “ungodly” performance “disrespectful,” DreamHack has issued an apology and blamed a mistake in the concert’s scheduling.

DH stated that the phrase “does not represent how proud we are to be able to host these types of tournaments and be a part of the fighting game community” “It is unquestionably something that we are learning from and carrying with us in preparation for upcoming events.”

Wreck-It TO JeBailey stated that the players had “understood in the end and appreciated” the compensation and that this wouldn’t occur again. It’s encouraging to see that despite the peculiar nature of the problem, it was resolved very swiftly, especially when one considers all the drama that the Smash community has to do with.

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