Rising Star Ghosty Joins OpTic Texas: The Unfamiliar Background of the Fantastic Young Talent in CDL

Most people are unaware of the background of Daniel “Ghosty” Rothe, a fantastic young talent who OpTic Texas has recruited to its CDL roster.

For the Major two-cycle, OpTic Texas assembled a lineup consisting of Brandon “Dashy,” “Huke,” “iLLeY,” and “Shottzy.” With a 3-1 record in the final two weeks of qualification, the revamped squad secured the top seed for Major 2.

OpTic performed admirably in Boston but lost to the Los Angeles Thieves in the loser’s semifinals. The fourth place needed to improve, so OpTic shuffled its deck again and chose an amateur player this time.

Ghosty enters the CDL spotlight after juggling a busy college schedule with his aspirations of being a pro Call of Duty player.

Who is Ghosty, the newest OpTic player?

On February 9, OpTic Texas announced the signing of Ghosty to replace iLleY. Ghosty began his career in Call of Duty by joining the university’s esports team in 2020 as a pre-law student at the University of Illinois.

After Call of Duty: Vanguard, he moved in with well-known professional CoD player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin. But his stint with Boston was brief, as he joined Iron Blood Gaming to begin the Modern Warfare 2 Challengers season (IBG).

IBG had a sluggish start to the season, finishing in the top 16 and top 8 spots in the first two North American Cups, respectively, before finishing in the top 12 spots in the CDC Raleigh Open.

The roster decided to split up as they entered CDC Elite Stage 1. Veteran CoD player Felo recruited Ghosty for his Challengers squad, TFeL Enterprises. The group worked effectively, finishing second in the Elite Stage 1 Playoffs.

Ghosty, who ranked first in the amateur league for overall KD and hardpoint, was voted the Elite Stage 1 MVP by The Rotation. Following their joint triumph, FeLo and Ghosty teamed up once more on Decimate Gaming with “Ulisses” and “2Real,” a former CDL player.

Ghosty defeated the RKKR Academy in the Boston Open Final with an unbelievable 1.35 KD, and 98 of his 131 kills were non-traded, demonstrating that he did most of the work on his own. Additionally, Ghosty had a 1.45 KD in a commanding 3-0 series sweep versus Elevate in the semifinals. In a 3-1 series triumph over former CDL pros Spart, Neptune, and Diamondcon, the rising star also had a 1.30 KD.

OpTic Texas doesn’t frequently use amateur talent, but the Green Wall has snatched up the upcoming Call of Duty star.

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