iLLeY’s Restricted Free Agency: The Next Chapter in OpTic Texas’ Turbulent History

Just weeks after Scump’s retirement and Dashy’s brief free agency, OpTic Texas appears poised to experience another upheaval now that AR superstar iLLeY has declared himself a restricted free agent.

Once again, Offseason Rostermania has surprised us. Huke most recently joined the starting lineup after one of the most turbulent periods in OpTic history, which saw the King retire from competitive play following unsuccessful contract discussions with Seattle Surge to acquire Pred.

The squad just placed fourth in their first LAN competition at Major 2 alongside Dashy, Shotzzy, and alley. OpTic seems prepared to make changes once more before the Major three qualifiers, despite this performance for just their first official event as a team.

iLLeY’s Restricted Free Agency: Will He Stay or Will He Go?

This time, Riley is the subject of attention rather than Dashy being temporarily taken out of the lineup. The CoD community was shocked when the Canadian AR revealed his restricted free agency on February 8.

He announced the news before OpTic had a chance to make it official on their social channels, “Restricted F/A, bang my line if you want to win,” saying it straightforwardly. Additionally, iLLeY’s Twitter bio no longer references OpTic Gaming or OpTic Texas.

The team needs to discover who else might fill his position and complete the squad going into the upcoming competition. Lengthy agreements currently bind most ARs, limiting the possibilities if OpTic doesn’t attempt to buy someone out of an existing contract.

The location of iLLeY’s landing is still unknown. He’s a clear improvement for some of the teams in the lower of the standings, but it’s impossible to predict where he’ll end up. That is if he doesn’t end up back with OpTic immediately. We witnessed the Green Wall drop Dashy and iLLeY earlier this year before abruptly altering course and bringing them back in less than 24 hours. Though obviously, that’s only conjecture, the current scenario may be analogous.

If this is the end of Riley’s tenure with OpTic, it will bring to an end a 14-month streak of green and black play, as well as the two years under Hastr0’s leadership with Dallas Empire before the OpTic merger.

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