Rekkles Accused of Problematic Behavior by Former Coach Striker

Martin “Rekkles” Larrson, a popular League of Legends (LoL) professional player, has been accused of “problematic” behavior by former coach Striker. The allegations include skipping scrim blocks and avoiding team get-togethers while playing for Kcorp. Rekkles, known for his successful tenure with Fnatic, has not yet commented on the accusations.

One of the most skilled and well-known League of Legends professionals in the West is Martin. Even if the years that followed saw him mired in controversy and unable to perform at his best, his stint with Fnatic solidified him as one of the all-time greatest players in the game.

Rekkles’ time on Kcorp’s LFL squad hasn’t been the subject of any complaints from the public, but former coach Striker has leveled several accusations against him. When discussing Kcorp’s sale of the player, Striker referred to his actions as “problematic,” including skipping scrim blocks and avoiding the team on purpose.

Rekkles Criticized for His “problematic” Actions

The French League of Legends fans rejoiced over Rekkles’ signing to Kcorp, although it’s possible that the player’s troubles with his G2 contract prevented him from joining another LEC team. Rekkles himself claimed that’s how it went, at least.

But a series of accusations made by former Kcorp coach Striker have added still another level to the debate concerning Rekkles’ time spent outside the LEC.

Rekkles was alleged to have disrespected his employees at Kcorp by turning down scrims at least once and refused to go to dinner with the group because a “cab wasn’t there” to pick him up at the airport.

Rekkles’ former coworker Jesiz stated that he “scrimmed from his room and didn’t really want to be part of the squad” in an old video that a Kcorp fan went out of their way to unearth.

These accusations heighten the controversies surrounding Rekkles’ time spent playing outside of the LEC as he gears up to join Fnatic for the 2023 season. How these allegations will impact his future in the professional League of Legends scene is yet to be determined.

Rekkles, who will serve as Fnatic’s starting ADC for the 2023 season, has not yet responded to these accusations.

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