KCorp Valorant Team: The Dark Horse of the VCT Tour

A rolling analysis of all Valorant teams entering the VCT Tour for this season kicks off the new year. KCorp is the ultimate underdog in the field and comes first.

Karmine Corp, popularly known as KCorp, first entered the competitive Valorant esports scene in May 2022. The team achieved mixed results, finishing in the top four of the 2022 VRL France Revolution Stage 2 competition before faltering and finishing in the bottom half of the 2023 VRL Revolution – Coupe de France.

In an effort to improve their situation, the team benched players from the original Karmine Corp lineup and gave them the freedom to pursue other opportunities.

A New European Superteam Was Bulit by KCorp

Unexpectedly, KCorp signed ScreaM, an experienced former CS:GO superstar and key player on Team Liquid’s Valorant team. In addition to leading his team with his expertise playing against elite teams, ScreaM had been recruited by KCorp as their star player. He would also help the young team develop.

This gave the team the confidence to keep Shin and Newzera, two members of their original roster. The squad decided to sign Nivera, ScreaM’s Team Liquid teammate, and former CS:GO professional xms to fill the remaining two seats.

The squad will be primarily dependent on ScreaM’s capacity to develop and guide less seasoned players, as he did with Team Liquid in 2020. Team Liquid has consistently been one of Europe’s top teams ever since acquiring ScreaM, most recently finishing in the top 8 of the 2022 Valorous Champions.

KCorp is suddenly one of the teams to monitor intently as the ultimate Dark Horse heading into VCT Kick-off next month.

Why Did VCT Accept KCorp?

KCorp, a well-known esports corporation with a sizable following base in other big games, recently entered the Valorant arena. The tremendous expansion of the League of Legends LFL, with matches in the most recent 2022 Summer split reaching 100,000 viewers, was largely due to KCorp’s loyal fan base.

Fans will have to “settle” for a franchisee slot in Valorant for the time being, even though everyone had hoped to see the organization in the League of Legends LEC for Europe.

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