OpTic Texas Parts Ways with Dashy Due to Persistent Attitude Issues

Brandon “Dashy” Otell was removed from the roster, according to OpTic Texas, because of persistent attitude issues. Scump wanted to save his final Call of Duty League season.

A mid-season roster mania in the Call of Duty League has replaced CDL Major 1, which was won by the New York Subliners. Cuyler “Huke” Garland has been hired by OpTic Texas, a fan-favorite organization, to replace the departing Dashy after weeks of uncertainty.

The OpTic Podcast broadcast from January 12 had a lengthy discussion of Dashy’s replacement by the squad. They also stated that he was let go due to persistent attitude issues, which were the same factors that led to talk of a roster change during the offseason.

Scump and OpTic Texas Affirm That Dashy Was Fired for Having a “attitude”

Scump began the podcast by saying that he “hates” having to let his pals down and that it was a “team choice.” But given that MW2 will undoubtedly be his final season, it makes sense that problems need to be resolved right away.

Rambo and Scump specifically said that Dashy’s “attitude” was the reason for his dismissal. They revealed that there are two reasons why gamers are dropped, however, they did not mention them directly. Talent comes first, and attitude comes second.

We intended to replace the roster during the off-season, according to Rambo. Since it didn’t occur, we believed we could overcome it. In the end, we were unable to accomplish it. We made a roster change at this point for the same reasons that motivated us to modify the roster throughout the offseason.

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Dashy’s “attitude” was the factor OpTic Texas pondered removing him before the MW2 season, it has been previously stated. In the end, they chose to “run it back.”

“We had a chat at the beginning of the year and we laid it on the table,” Scump continued. This is what we want this year and what we anticipate from everyone. There will be f**king difficulties if we don’t get it. There were issues… Ray might have said it was not performance-based, but I wanted him to clarify that it is not at all.

For his part, Dashy has responded to the podcast with a number of statements. He disputed some of OpTic Texas’ arguments while live on January 13, asserting that he was no worse a teammate than anyone else. Rambo was even charged with occasionally skipping scrims in order to bowl.

Dashy no longer had a relationship after leaving OpTic Texas. The qualifiers for the second CDL Major begin on January 13.

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