Warzone 2 Pro Reveals PS5 Controller’s Edge over Keyboard and Mouse in Input Lag

Warzone 2 specialists TrueGameData disclosed another benefit of using a PS5 controller on a PC in addition to aim aid.

Aim assist discussions among CoD players didn’t start until Warzone was released in 2021. Previous Call of Duty PC conversions was plagued by bugs. But the low player base made the console versions of the franchise more popular. Over the past two years, the number of players using a mouse and keyboard has increased considerably.

The amount of time it takes for the button or key you just pressed to actually do something in the game you’re playing is known as input lag. When you press the fire button in Warzone, for instance. It can take the game up to a few milliseconds to recognize that you actually did.

Aim assist has drawn criticism from CDL Pro “Dashy,” while Warzone Pro HusKerrs has suggested switching to a controller since it is “broken.”

Warzone 2 Expert Favors the PS5 Controller Over the Keyboard and Mouse

Specialist in Warzone 2 Input lag is another factor PC gamers should think about switching to a controller, according to TrueGameData. TrueGameData used a high-speed camera to video himself sliding the stick and hitting the trigger while testing the input lag for Warzone 1 and 2.

“Really, there is no difference between Warzone 1 and Warzone 2 in terms of input lag,” he said in his conclusion. The PS5 controller surprised the YouTuber with its superiority over the mouse, keyboard, and Xbox controllers. “The mouse input lag truly startled me. People already widely acknowledged that the Xbox One and Xbox Elite controllers have slightly slower response times compared to the PS5 controllers.

Here are some of the input lag delay values for the keyboard, mouse, and game controllers. Every number is in milliseconds.

  • G-Pro Mouse Superlight Wireless: WZ 1 (31.3) WZ2 (32.1)
  • Keyboard (Wooting 60HE. Tachyon Mode) WZ1 (20) WZ2 (19.6)
  • Xbox Trigger One controller: WZ 1 (23.8) WZ2 (28.3)
  • PS5 controller trigger: WZ1 (28.8) WZ2 (27.9)
  • PS5 controller stick overclocked: WZ1 (17.5) WZ2 (20.4)
  • Xbox controller trigger Elite S2: WZ1 (37.5) WZ2 (32.5)
  • PS5  controller trigger overclocked: WZ1 (21.7) WZ2 (26.3)

In particular, TrueGameData examined the significant difference between utilizing an Xbox One controller and an overclocked PS5 controller. “That’s a fairly big difference, it’s definitely worth attempting to make a swap for.”

Switching to a PS5 controller may be the solution you have been looking for if you are playing PC and want to gain an advantage over your rivals.

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