Apex Legends Streamer Nokokopuffs Claims Controller is Superior Choice for The Game

After spending significant time with a controller, Apex Legends streamer Christian “Nokokopuffs” Feliciano declared that the controller is preferable to using a keyboard and mouse in “every manner.” Feliciano made this statement after using a controller.

In any game or esports, the question over whether players should utilize a mouse and keyboard or a controller is an old one. Movement and aim assist is at the center of everything in Apex Legends, and it never changes.

It is well known that MnK does not offer aim help; however, players that use controllers do receive it to compensate for the lack of precision that joysticks provide. It has been asserted in the past that controller Apex is less difficult than MnK, despite the fact that there will probably always be people who have different opinions on this subject till the end of time.

Now, a former member of the TSM who goes under the name Nokokopuffs has come out in support of that opinion, stating that controller Apex is superior in virtually every way.

Apex Legends is Easier With a Controller, says Nokokopuffs

Although he has often played Apex on MnK, on January 12 we saw him drop into a series of matches while rocking a controller, albeit through his PC rather than a console. This was the first time we had seen him play Apex with a controller.

The conclusion he came to was unambiguous: “Okay, I get it now. The controller in Apex is simply superior in every manner, with the exception of movement. It’s a lot of fun to just clip everything with a single scissors stroke. If nothing is done to fix the situation, it wouldn’t surprise me if, in a year, competitive Apex will be 80% controller at the very most.

Although a number of people commented to suggest that MnK is superior in other respects, such as recoil control, Noko was not convinced. He went on to say that all of the professional controller players in the league would disagree with him since “they fry mid-range and do just fine in the long range.”

He shared footage of himself easily dispatching opponents while explaining how he was able to dominate only based on his prior “game expertise.”

He then went on to say, “For everyone who doesn’t understand, I have around 15 hours of controller experience or less on apex.” All I have is experience playing the game.” The argument will not go any closer to a conclusion despite the fact that the streamer’s decision was unequivocally supportive of the “controller is OP” camp.

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