Karmine Corp Wins Without Duelists: ScreaM Claims They’re Overrated

Karmine Corp, commanded by Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom, won their opening match at VCT LOCK/IN without employing a single Duelist. FunPlus Phoenix was defeated 2-1. The IGL stated that duelists are “overrated” during the news conference after the match.

Karmine Corp will be competing in VCT LOCK/IN, utilizing a distinct strategy from that of the other teams. The team that spoke French was victorious over the Chinese couple FPX in three maps, and throughout the entire series, they did not select a Duelist. Jett, a Duelist, is one of the most frequently chosen Agents in Valorant’s current professional meta since he is seen as a powerful pick and is one of the most common roles in the game.

After the game, ScreaM said, “We take a different strategy.” When I first joined this squad, I had the impression that the Duelist was overrated. Other than that, it’s pretty decent without a Duelist right now. It gives you some aggression, and you can take up some space, but other than that, it’s pretty good.

ScreaM may still choose a Duelist at VCT LOCK/IN

ScreaM would not rule out the possibility of Karmine Corp using Duelists on maps that the team still needs to compete on at VCT LOCK/IN, although he stated that the class of Agent is overhyped. Scream was also questioned on his status as the organization’s IGL and whether or not this influences his choice of free agents. ScreaM’s old squad, Team Liquid, relied heavily on him to play Duelists throughout most of their maps.

“I take the position of IGL on this team seriously, and I believe it is best for me to play Agents like Initiators. Additionally, as I’ve mentioned before, I believe Duelist is slightly overrated. Playing Duelists causes you to lose a lot of tools, and I believe this is intended as a part of our games. “I’m happy to play these agents, and since you can also play them quite aggressively, I can do anything,” the IGL for Karmine Corp remarked.

ScreaM and Karmine Corp will advance to the next tournament round and take on whoever emerges victorious from the match between Gen.G Esports and LOUD.

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