Spacestation Gaming announces departure from Apex Legends esports due to lack of Revenue Sharing

After competing in Apex Legends esports for four years, the OG organization Spacestation Gaming explained why they decided to leave the scene. Spacestation Gaming has achieved great success and is a well-known organization. They entered the Apex Legends esports scene on the same day, exactly four years ago.

The team has been a steady competitor in the field, amassing under $250,000 in total prizes and earning many top-10 finishes in ALGS finals. During this period, the ALGS scene has been dominated by the team.

However, following their performance in the ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs, in which they finished in 16th place, the CEO of SSG has declared that the company will be withdrawing from the Apex Legends esports scene. Additionally, they revealed the specific factors that caused them to decide to leave the ALGS and outlined the measures that they must follow to become eligible for readmission in the future.

Spacestation Gaming in ALGS
Spacestation Gaming Esports Steam Started on Feb 14, 2019

Spacestation Gaming discusses Apex Legends esports exit

On February 13, the CEO of Spacestation Gaming, Unit Shawn, declared on Twitter that the company is going to “miss Apex Legends and watching our teams play” because it is “one of the fascinating esports.”

Despite this, given the current status of the esports market, the organization will not be able to continue to compete “without a reasonable rev share arrangement to support sustainability.” When the team’s future is entirely dependent on how well it does in tournaments, “it’s hard to justify continuing to spend” when there is no other source of revenue for the team.

In response to this tweet, someone inquired to Unit whether or not SSG would consider rejoining the ALGS if revenue sharing ever became a reality in the future. If that system is implemented, the CEO gives a brief and straightforward response, saying “yes” when asked if a return is possible.

It is not possible for SSG to continue competing in Apex Legends without revenue share at this time because it is not viable. As it is evident that specific teams are struggling to defend their status in the ALGS without consistent returns, it will be fascinating to see whether this is something that EA and Respawn will examine in the future.

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