The Mystery of the Unknown Pokemon Sketch in Scarlet and Violet Books at Paldean Academy

There is a divide among fans as to which Pokemon the sketch of a gorilla discovered inside the Scarlet and Violet books at the Paldean Academy may represent. Since the debut of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, people have been speculating on the game’s upcoming content for expansions because of the numerous hints hidden across Paldea. The most important may be found within the Scarlet and Violet volumes kept at the Naranja and Uva Academy.

These books feature illustrations of paradox Pokemon that aren’t available in the game’s standard version. In them, you’ll find both previous and future incarnations of Suicune and Virizion, as well as a glimpse of what the third Scarlet and Violet Legendary might look like in its final form.

However, one page in the book has participants scratching their heads and wondering what it means. You’ll find a Pawmi, Flamigo, and Naclstack and a gorilla whose species is unknown. Although several players are under the impression that the gorilla is a Slaking lurking in the background, others are not convinced.

Players of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are split over a mysterious gorilla

Reddit user ninjas were the ones who drew the attention of the players to the sketch by captioning a photo with the question, “Why is nobody talking about the Gorilla in the Scarlet/Violet Book?”

Trainers in the discussion came to the same conclusion as many players who most likely discovered the book accidentally while playing through the game. “Slack off with Slaking for a while. One person replied, “You’ll see it,” meaning it was merely another viewpoint of the Gen 3 monkey. Another person said that Oranguru could be watching from the background.

Pokemon of Area Zero

However, only some were so eager to dismiss Ninjesh’s notion right away. One user said, “A Convergent Slaking might be cool,” while others hoped it would be some Paradox Slaking that carried on Vigoroth’s determination rather than Slakoth’s slothfulness. “A Convergent Slaking could be nice,” said one user.

There is a possibility that Game Freak wanted us to focus less attention on Slaking’s rear end. It makes sense for it to be an ordinary Slaking, given that it is on a page full of other conventional Pokemon that appear in Paldea; nonetheless, it is presented from a perspective that players aren’t accustomed to. Although this does not rule out the possibility of a Convergent or Paradox Slaking, we will only know once the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet expansions are released.

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