How Disguised Toast Acquired Valorant Superstar Yay: The Surprising DM That Started It All

During an interview with George Geddes, Jeremy’ Disguised Toast’ Wang discussed the recruitment of Valorant superstar Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker. During the conversation, Jeremy claimed that the former Cloud9 member had messaged him first regarding the squad.

Also, with yay joining on to play for the North American Valorant Challengers league side Disguised, some have asked how the creator-backed esports club was able to acquire the high-profile player. During an interview with Valorant writer George Geddes regarding the deal, Disguised Toast stated that the international tournament regular initially messaged him. George Geddes was able to get this information from Disguised Toast.

“On February 26th, for no apparent reason, yay DMs me… I’m like incredibly honored, first of all. It took me by complete surprise that he even recognized who I was. “I believe this happened right after C9 began having their each issue, and what I think is that yay is just feeling a little mad by the way traditional esports organizations do things,” Disguised Toast said. “I think this happened right after C9 started having their role issue.” In the first communication that Yay sent to the content creator, he expressed his hope that Disguised would be successful in locating a method to monetize esports. He stated, “I think if anyone is to find a solution, it would be large content creators like you guys.”

Disguised information yay acquisition

Disguised Toast sent a response to the letter, stating that Cloud9 did not deserve him and that he hoped the next team he joined would appreciate him.

According to Disguised Toast, the Valorant squad benched Drake “Exalt” Branly, causing them to lose a member, and the ruleset prevented the team from making significant changes during the season. When the team was finally able to make changes following the conclusion of the Mid-Season Face Off, the content producer recalled that yay had reached out to him and gone to see if he would be interested in joining the Disguised Valorant team. This was after the conclusion of the Mid-Season Face Off.

I sent him a message that said, “Hey, you want just to see if you like the guys and if the guys like you, and if things work out, we can take it from there,” and I went on to explain that I had asked the same question of the other guys. And he said yes,” Disguised Toast said.

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