ImperialHal of TSM believes iiTzTimmy’s squad needs changes for his comeback to Apex Legends pro play

Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen of TSM is not particularly excited about Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An’s comeback to professional play in Apex Legends because he believes the 100 Thieves streamer already needs to make changes to his squad. This is something that ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen of TSM feels strongly about. 

Because Apex Legends has such an impressive Ranked play system, streamers and content producers can communicate with some of the best players in the world—but only if they put in the necessary amount of effort.

As a consequence, Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff was able to transition into ALGS play with his Tripods squad, and iiTzTimmy was able to compete against some of the most talented professional players the industry has to offer.  Timmy had previously attempted to compete in Apex under the banners of the Golden Guardians and Team Yeesh. He had to withdraw from the competition because of technical difficulties with his computer and concerns about his mental health.

ImperialHal signals a shift. The Apex Legends team of iiTzTimmy already requires

Since he has been competing in the Challenger Circuit Split 2, it should not be surprising that some of the top Apex Legends players have noticed him. They asked ImperialHal for his opinion on Timmy’s aptitude, which is also related to ImperialHal.  When asked about it, Hal stated, “I think him playing Pro gives him a purpose.” He has next on his agenda to participate, but if he is going to take it seriously, he shouldn’t be messing around with Lyric in the meantime. It would be best for him to train with an IGL. 

“He ought to be teaming up with someone who is a better athlete than Timmy. In order to become an IGL and further his education, he must locate someone superior to Timmy, himself, or whoever it may be. Osivien is lovely, but I think Timmy and Lyric should be elsewhere. They don’t belong. The team would not fare too well in that situation.

The TSM star remarked that it is “hard” for the member of 100 Thieves to find someone who matches those criteria because it is likely that he will be looking for someone who participates in the pro league. That person is expected to be reluctant to drop down a level.

Whether Timmy’s squad, competing for this Challengers split using the moniker “The Dojo,” remains to be seen whether will consider Hal’s recommendation.

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