Disguised Toast Defends Decision to Sign Female Streamer Team for VCT Game Changers

In response to criticism over his decision to sign a team of female streamers to play for VCT Game Changers rather than an all-pro side, streaming celebrity Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has issued a statement.  A few content producers have begun supporting teams in various esports over the past few months, with Valorant being a popular option. 

That has been led by Disguised Toast, who spent a lot of money assembling his DSG team for the NA Challengers competition. He supports an all-female team featuring Kyedae, QuaterJade, Sydeon, and TrulyTenzin in the upcoming VCT Game Changers round. These four have gained popularity through streaming rather than professional play, so Toast has received some criticism for signing them up despite their apparent ability. He has, however, explained why he came to that conclusion. 

Disguised Toast responds to criticism of the VCT Gamer Changers streaming team

In response to a tweet accusing him of being “disrespectful” to the Game Changers scene, the creator of OfflineTV pointed out that he had been very active in contacting players and agents to create the team. He desired the “best unsigned” players but believed he lacked the time to “responsibly” assemble a squad. 

In addition, Toast said that his squad is “grinding” like everyone else, “I assure you all the girls on the team are taking this event very seriously, and they all meet the criteria set out by Riot to participate.” “Just because they are streamers, you do not get to bar them from this event.”

I think it is an underserved market that other organs and even Riots themselves haven’t completely realized yet, he continued, so I still wanted to do something extraordinary for GC1.

Toast stated that he wouldn’t have been ready to commit to that “off a whim” and that he ultimately needed more time. He estimated that it would have cost him around $300,000. This forced him to adopt a “content coach” for the staff. 

Despite the criticism, he has received a lot of praise for assisting the squad. Once the activity begins on April 4, we’ll have to wait and see how they fare.

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