Famed League of Legends Player Bjergsen Announces Departure from Esports After 11-Year Career

Sren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg, one of the most famous and legendary League of Legends players ever, announced his departure from the game and esports. Bjergsen, a mid laner for 100 Thieves and a legendary figure in League of Legends, surprised the industry by announcing his departure from esports.

His nearly 11-year professional career, during which he played for three teams in the LCS and won three LCS MVP titles, is likely coming to an end as a result of this. When Bjergsen opted to take over as coach of his former team, TSM, in 2020, he had already retired from playing. However, he will be leaving League altogether this time.

Fans of the LCS are horrified by Bjergsen’s announcement

Bjergsen claimed in the announcement that he had second thoughts about continuing to play during the 2023 LCS Spring Split and had finally decided to leave the scene.

The illustrious mid-laner reassured fans that his decision to quit was motivated by his desire to spend more time with friends and family and pursue other hobbies, not by the level of play of 100 Thieves or his recent play. Following this revelation, supporters, analysts, and other professional players have praised Bjergsen for his contributions to League and Esports.

Bjergsen spent the last eight years with TSM as a coach before leaving the company to pursue his career with Team Liquid. Nevertheless, despite the fanfare, the team failed to win either LCS split, which forced a rebuild at the end of the campaign.

In order to rejoin his lifelong buddy and former teammate Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, Bjergsen then decided to join 100 Thieves. The team finally found its rhythm after a rough start to the season and qualified for the playoffs but lost to FlyQuest and Golden Guardians.

Prior to the LCS Summer split, which is still two months away, 100 Thieves must fill Bjergsen’s position on their lineup. Bjergsen leaves the possibility of returning to League or the esports scene open, but he is willing to take some time to consider his career and where he wants to go from here.

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