“Why Advanced Warfare 2 got cancelled,” according to the developer of CoD

A former Sledgehammer Games development team member explained why the company chose not to create Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2. The release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare expanded the franchise with jetpacks and new movement options. While some players were pleased with the new look, others felt it was detrimental to Call of Duty. In October of 2022, it was initially believed that Sledgehammer Games was working on a successor to the Advanced Warfare video game.

Tom Henderson, a reporter for Insider Gaming, broke the news on February 9 that Call of Duty 2023 would not feature any extra downloadable content but would instead be a whole game. Henderson stated that the game would be a part of the Modern Warfare franchise and would be developed by Sledgehammer Games, putting an end to any chances of AW making a comeback.

The news was discouraging to several members of the community. Brett Robbins, a former senior creative director for Sledgehammer Games, has rubbed salt in the wound by admitting that Advanced Warfare 2 almost happened in 2017.

Call of Duty: WWII was selected over Advanced Warfare 2 as the next game in the series

In an interview with MinnMaxx, Brett Robbins discussed the reasoning behind the company’s decision to develop Call of Duty: WWII rather than Advanced Warfare 2, which was their original plan. “We had some early prototypes, and we may have even done a demo level; however, World War II came back around, and it seemed like a better opportunity.”

“I’m glad we did, we changed directions, but Advanced Warfare 2 would have been so much better,” she said. The team of developers working on the Sledgehammer Games project had to choose between basing the gameplay on a World War II setting or making another attempt at creating a sci-fi setting.

“Once it was brought to the team, as doing one or the other, we found that a lot of people on the team were interested in returning,” Robbins said. “We found that a lot of people on the team were interested in returning.” “It seemed to have a bit more of a story to it, as well as a bit more excitement and something different,”

Robbins continued by saying they would have enjoyed returning to Advanced Warfare had the team remained together. Because Activision has not disclosed its plans for Call of Duty 2023, it is imperative that all rumors be considered with a grain of salt.

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