Disguised Toast Seeks Community Feedback on Which Esport to Pursue Next

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, an OfflineTV member, has clarified that he wants to be present in more esports games and has solicited feedback from the community. With a men’s Valorant roster at the beginning of the year, the well-known streamer and content producer plunged into esports waters for the first time. Despite some difficulties, the team managed to qualify for NA Challengers on their first try. Esports Charts said it became a fan favorite, averaging over 73,000 viewers during the league’s Split 1.

Then, to compete in the VCT Game Changers qualifiers, Disguised Toast signed a second, all-women’s lineup last month. The squad, featuring four streamers, missed qualification and was subsequently “dropped,” but it became an instant hit and significantly surpassed the region’s viewership record.

Disguised Toast solicited his Twitter followers for suggestions on which players to sign before making both transactions. Also, on April 6, he asked his followers for advice again by tweeting which esport game he ought to play next.

Reactions of the esports community to Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast’s tweet received a variety of replies. OpTic Creative Director Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards offered Call of Duty, claiming that “people want to see the DSG CDL arc.”

Additionally, many people urged him to join the Fighting Game Community (FGC), where a few esports groups such as Luminosity and Moist Esports have recently made headline-grabbing movements. On April 6, NRG acquired CLG, leaving five notable Super Smash Bros. players unsigned. Cody Schwab, one of those players and the most recent MAJOR UPSET: Melee champion in Portland, supported the notion and tweeted “Please” in response to Disguised Toast’s request.

CS:GO, PUBG Mobile, Pokémon, Teamfight Tactics, and League of Legends were mentioned in other comments. Disguised Toast may take some time to pick which game to play next, but the prospect of the content creator growing his esports roster appears quite honest.

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