Excel Esports Replaces Support Targamas with LIMIT in LEC Split

EXCEL suffered during the LEC Winter 2023 split. Their roster, filled with some of the top players in Europe, plummeted to the bottom. Thus far, they decided to switch out their support before the following split. With their best performance in the LEC since joining the League of Legends, Excel finally ended their playoff curse in 2022. It offered supporters of the group hope that they would be able to overcome their reputation as a low-tier organization inside the LEC and succeed as their name suggests.

Additionally, eight teams rather than six would qualify for the playoffs according to changes to the LEC format. They were more likely than ever to reach the playoffs. However, they fell short and came in last place. Raphael “Targamas” Crabbé will be replaced by Dino “LIMIT” Tot, a support player who has been in and out of the LEC since 2019. This is in preparation for the upcoming LEC Split.

XL reportedly switches Targamas for LIMIT

The 2022 Excel roster had a clear sense of who they were. The team’s primary carry, Patrik “Patrik” Jr., was hailed as one of the best ADC players in the area by analysts and fans. As a result of Markoon’s intense map pressure, Patrik was able to exit the early game significantly more quickly.

Although they were far from flawless, their team did have certain advantages. According to the statistics, Patrik is still a strong player. Through the Winter regular season, he has the most significant damage per minute (819), and Exakick, with a damage per minute of 710, is the closest ADC to him. XL apologized to their fans for how the split went after withdrawing before the playoffs.

According to rumors, XL decided to swap up their bot lane combination and attempt to duplicate some of their success from 2022 by replacing Targamas with LIMIT. The news that Targamas would be benched was swiftly followed by the information that LIMIT would take his place. Alejandro Gomis and Marián Stoica each used blix to report on these modifications.

There may be more changes in store for Excel. Still, their first significant adjustment involves the addition of an experienced support player LIMIT to alter the team’s bot lane dynamic. It remains to be seen if this modification will help Excel improve its place in the LEC.

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