Evil Geniuses’ New Veteran Additions Lead the Way to Victory at VCT LOCK/IN

In their first appearance on the international Valorant stage at VCT LOCK/IN, Evil Geniuses destroyed Team Heretics. Following the victory, Valorant’s new veteran additions to the lineup were praised by EG head coach Christine “potter” Chi.

Evil Geniuses took a risk in the off-season by choosing a multi-man roster of nine players over a traditional five-person team. Ethan “Ethan” Arnold and Brendan “BcJ” Jensen. Although the two veteran additions to EG’s new Valorant roster were on display at VCT LOCK/IN. Also, Potter remarked that the two veterans contributed something to the team that she believed was needed after EG’s 2022 campaign after the team overcame its first enemy, Heretics, at the event 2-0.

“We wanted self-assurance, experience, and a little bit of ego, and Brendan and Ethan had those things to offer. We just saw that change right away. In a post-game press conference, Potter remarked, “They absolutely elevated us to new heights, and each day, we’ve been building confidence and trusting in each other and the group, so it’s been fantastic.

EG Valorant continues  to VCT LOCK/IN 

The Evil Geniuses squad entered this competition as the minor underdogs. Before receiving an invitation to VCT LOCK/IN they received VCT merch, EG had never qualified for an international competition due to the company being picked by Riot Games as an ally for its VCT international leagues.

The team also faced off against the Heretics, a team made up of seasoned LAN and international players, including Scar’mixwell’ Colocho. After the victory, EG’s BcJ declared that he would drop the mic on his team’s doubters.

“First, they despise us because they aren’t like us. Second, this group is incredibly motivated and enthusiastic about the game. Outside of practice, they only play this game. I have no interest in any medium. These guys can’t have that taken away from them. They put a lot of effort into getting here, and today you can see a little bit of that teamwork. But you will see more of it during the tournament, according to BcJ. In the second match of VCT LOCK/IN on February 18, EG will face Talon Esports.

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