Evil Geniuses Under Fire for Allegedly Harming NA Challengers Team’s Prep for Valorant Tournament

In the Valorant scene, Evil Geniuses have come under fire for their alleged protracted pursuit of Turtle Troop player Jack “Add3r” Hayashi, which is supposed to have had a significant adverse effect on the NA Challengers team.

Max Katz, an independent journalist, published a report on March 6 stating that members of Turtle Troop had been observed practicing with Jake “Paincakes” Hass, a former member of Akrew, in preparation for Evil Geniuses, who had been interested in Add3r for months, to recruit the player. When it came down to it, Evil Geniuses decided against pursuing their interest in Add3r, who skipped an entire week of practice as the group stage of the Challengers League was drawing to a close.

During the 2023 VCT season, Evil Geniuses intends to field a roster of ten players, with only one spot still needing to be filled. The team was victorious over Heretics in the first round of the VCT LOCK/IN tournament. However, they were eliminated by Talon Esports in the round of 16. In the overall competition, they came in ninth through sixteenth position.

EG is attacked in the Valorant scene

Turtle Troop’s preparations for the final two weeks of the Challengers League were hampered by Evil Geniuses’ intermittent pursuit of Add3r. Turtle Troop, the only unsigned roster in the competition, is currently in last place in Group A with a record of 1-2 before facing G2 Esports and Oxygen Esports.

When organizations screw over free agent teams, wrote Turtle Troop player Matthew “Wedid” Suchan on Twitter. He eventually acknowledged that he was referring to EG on Reddit.

The episode has increased pressure on the Evil Geniuses company, which has already faced harsh criticism for how they have handled their esports teams in recent weeks. League of Legends star Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki, who left the LCS squad due to mental health difficulties, was one of the North American organization’s most talented players, according to a piece published by a gaming site last week.

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, a well-known streamer, also voiced his disapproval of Evil Geniuses. After constructing his team, Disguised Toast admitted in December that he had a Valorant player “sniped” from him. Max ‘Demon1’ Mazanov, who tried out for Disguised’s team before joining Evil Geniuses, is primarily believed to be the player to whom he was alluding. Disguised Toast said on Reddit, “Welcoming new members to the Professional EG Hating Club.

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