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Counter Strike is one of the most popular games out there for both teenagers and adults. It is a first-person shooter (FPS) game that requires tactical strategies to defeat and win the game. The game has been a success since its inception, and over a million active users play it every day. 

CSGO is among the most popular game versions and is available across multiple devices, allowing players to access and play their favourite game much more accessible. It is a terrorist game where players are divided into two teams assigned to eliminate the other team or complete the assigned task or objective. 

The game tests your patience as well as your strategic abilities to outsmart your opponent and achieve victory. Furthermore, the game also involves using tactical equipment and working together with teammates to defeat opponents. There are plenty of ways tactical equipment like grenades can be used to eliminate your enemy in the game. In this article, you will get insights into a few CSGO best grenade spots Dust 2 map to outsmart your enemy and beat them to victory. 

Best Grenade Spots in the Dust 2 Map

The proper use of throwables like grenades in most shooter games is essential to putting your opponent at a disadvantage by affecting their overall health. Using hand grenades, you can cause a huge amount of damage to your opponent, forcing them to hold or retreat. 

Furthermore, there are multiple angles throughout the Dust 2 map ideal for throwing grenades. Additionally, there are other different types of throwables, including pop flash and smoke that can be used tactically to trick your opponents. Here are a few best grenade spots dust 2 map in CSGO. 

1. Long A

Long A is an important spot of Dust 2 and one of the most prime targets for terrorist assaults. To halt the opposing team, players can deploy smoke grenades to obscure their vision and flashbangs to confuse them. A well-placed smoke grenade can obscure the enemies’ vision, making it difficult for them to advance or forcing them to retreat. A correctly timed flashbang can paralyse foes, allowing players to beat them to victory.

2. Catwalk

The Catwalk is an important part of the Dust 2 map and a favorite location for opponents to attack the A site. Your squad can use smoke grenades to block the opponent team’s view and Molotov cocktails to barricade the entrance in order to defend the area. A well-positioned smoke grenade and Molotov can be used to stop the enemy in their tracks and make it simpler for the defenders to put them down.

3. Tunnels

Tunnels are an important feature of the Dust 2 map since they allow players to use it as an alternate route to the B site. Players can deploy smoke grenades to blind foes and Molotov cocktails to restrict their movement toward the site. 

A well-placed smoke grenade can force opponents to pass through the same area, making it easier for defenders to eliminate them. The enemy team can also be denied admission by using grenades, making it impossible for them to advance.

4. The Center Mid

The center mid of the Dust 2 map is an important area for the opponent team to move and strike on the B site. With smoke grenades and flashbangs, players can confuse and blind their opponents, outsmarting them toward victory. It may be necessary for the terrorists to move through the same area as the smoke grenade, making it easier for the defenders to kill them. Flashbangs can also be used to stun the opposition so that the defenders can kill them.

5. B Site 

Site B is also another crucial area of the Dust 2 map that players must defend in order to achieve victory. But it won’t be easy if you don’t know the best grenade spots to block your opponents’ vision and slow. Using pop-flash and smoke grenades can do the trick to attack the enemy from their blind spot. 

This will create panic within the opponent team and will force them to make a wrong move making it easier to defeat them to achieve victory. You can also use Molotov cocktails on the path you expect the enemy team to approach and inflict some damage on your opponents. 

The Bottom-line

In conclusion, strategically using throwables is critical to success in any FPS game. Players must be well-familiar with the Dust 2 map to defend and attack each site. Additionally, players must understand the best grenade spots Dust 2 to achieve victory. 

Smoke grenades and flashbangs are crucial for blinding and confusing enemies, while Molotov cocktails and frag grenades can prevent terrorists from entering. Players may dominate Dust 2 and achieve victory in CSGO with strategic gameplay and team efforts.

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